Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Soccer Mom Fever

We got a van yesterday. We've talked about the practicality of purchasing one for years (transporting paintings, impulsive trips to IKEA, taking a 140 lb St. Bernard to the vet, lots of visitors on the holidays) but always reverted to sportier cars, fearing a van would be some sort of nail in a coffin of impending suburban conformity.

Well, if you can't beat them...join 'em, right?
If we're gonna do this thing we're gonna do it right.
I just ordered these for Honey's (that's her name) back window:


PurpleTrekkie said...


SaS said...

Yesss!!! And you guys should get one of those Wal Mart happy face balls for the antenna. Go all the way lol! I can just see you running out of Ikea (like in the commercial)..."Start the car! Start the car!". Aw, man, I love you!

And....coz I love you, I gave you a Beautiful Blogger award (as bestowed upon me by my friend Sara as well!). You don't have to do the whole "bestowing it on others" part, but I just wanted you to know your work is appreciated and loved, and no matter how many years it's been, and how far away we are, you're always in my heart.

www.shirley-you-jest.blogspot.com/2010/03/squeeeeee.html for my awards-bestowing-upon-thy-friends post. x0x0

John G. said...

You are in my heart as well sweetie!