Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Inspiration Outing Pt2: Kathy Beynette

During my visit to Torpedo Factory, I wandered into Studio 7. Ok, "wander" is probably not the most accurate term. I've been to Studio 7 before. I'm drawn to it. The bold color and tongue-in-cheek whimsy that lives there is enough to make it a must every time I visit the factory.

Studio 7 is shared by Kathy Beynette, Tory Cowles and Sheep Jones. Each artist's distinct style works perfectly with those of the other two, creating an atmosphere in the space that is, simultaneously, energetic and harmonious.

As I browsed, I was greeted by Kathy Beynette, who like her work, immediately comes across as charming and confident. After a brief introduction she said, "I was just about to hang a new painting. Let me try it out on you first."
I happily agreed.
She looked over me, awaiting my reaction, as I took in the image and text (a song she wrote and even sang for me).
"Wow, " I said. "That's awesome. Strong."
"I'm gonna get in trouble, aren't I?" she asked, and we both laughed.
"Trouble is not always a bad thing." I answered.

The title of the piece is Mother's Day.
The focal image in the painting depicts a gun-wielding woman and a priest who seems to have run out of luck.

The opening verse reads:
When Tom came home
(he is my son)
and said what father McGee had done
I went out and bought a gun, gun, gun

Kathy is currently researching the proper organization with which to share the proceeds of this painting when it sells. She says it will be either a group that supports victims of child abuse or a group that works to expose the abuse of children by the church and subsequent coverups.

If you visit Torpedo Factory, be sure to stop by Studio 7 and check out Mother's Day in person.

Kathy Beynette with Mother's Day


kayla. said...

I LOVED this piece. I was recently at the Torpedo Factory, and drawn to this studio as well.

John G. said...

Thanks for posting Kayla.
Isn't it wonderful?