Friday, March 26, 2010

New Abstract: Complete

Session 3 began with me deciding to lighten the beige areas on the right panel.
Technically there were more than 3 sessions, but I am not counting the times I just walked into the studio added a layer or touched something up and walked out.

After that, I added some details and marks.
I went back over some of the faded polka dots by hand instead of re-stenciling.

I also added some white curves to the lower left corner.
I very much like this detail shown below, and want to recreate it as a painting on its own.

Added thick black paint over some of the reds and scratched scribbles into it.
Then began placing some collage. I'm in love with code bars at the moment and these might become a recurring element in new abstracts to come.

I also introduced numbers and a few more bits of collage (painted cardboard strips) into the composition.
Here is panel one complete:

And panel 2:

I'm simply calling this one "321".
I will post pictures of it once framed and hung in Ron's office.


Martha Marshall said...

Oh!!!! Fabulous! Wow. I love these, John.

John G. said...

Thank you, Martha. :-)

Anonymous said...

These are super!

John G. said...

Thanks Chewy!