Friday, October 2, 2009

True Blue

This week's Project Runway challenge was all about the color blue.
Well, almost all. It was also about designing looks for Macy's INC brand. This was a team challenge which meant the designers had to pair up.

When, as team leader, Christopher picked Epperson to be his partner I was sure they'd be the team to beat. Instead they created two completely disconnected looks which earned them one of the bottom slots. In all fairness, while the collar on Christopher's bubble top/dress was more than a bit bib-ish, it just did not seem to deserve quite the harsh critique it got. Michael Kors seemed hellbent on making up for lost time and really went to town on the would-be dream team. Who knew she could be such a sadist. All my Christopher fantasies went out the window when he let that Orange Bottom (Kors) reduce him to sobby girly tears.
I do love both Christopher and Epperson so I'm glad neither went home this week.

Louise vomited ruffles all over a poorly tailored dress and sent it down the runway. In turn, she was sent home. Afterward she stated that she'd gotten farther in the competition than she had expected. Well it's nice to know she was in it to maybe win it.

As seen on When Bridesmaids Attack!

Irina was the challenge winner. It was well deserved. Her dress was fresh and extremely wearable.

Irina's winning design.

On Models of the Runway, my girl Kojii is still in the race. Yay!

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