Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm beaming with pride!

Last night we attended a school function at our nephew's school and I came home grinning from ear to ear.
A few weeks ago our nephew, Joseph, interviewed me for an essay he was writing as his entry in a competition being held in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month. Being the "mushy" type, I was of course touched that he chose me as his subject when the library is full of household names who've achieved incredible things and made their mark in history.

Tonight they held a special event at his school announcing the winners of the essay contest.
Well, wouldn't you know it? The lil' guy took home FIRST PRIZE!!!

John Gascot A Focus on a Hispanic-American Artist
Joseph M. Bosley
01 October 2009

The Hispanic-American that I chose to write about is my Uncle John Louis Gascot. He doesn't have a book out so I interviewed him instead and have included samples of his art. He is a Latin-American artist born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico April 16, 1972. His mother, Rose Cirolli, was born in New York of Italian parents. She moved to Puerto Rico and met Uncle John's father and stayed there. Uncle John lived in Puerto Rico until he was twelve years old when he and his mother moved to New Jersey.

Uncle John says he chose art because he loves creating new pictures which gives him a unique way of expressing himself. It really doesn't matter what form of material he uses, he has used glass, wood, material (cloth), and of course canvas. He also likes all kinds of music and different artists and styles of music. He also enjoys movies and writing stories and plays.

While living in New Jersey he went to college in New York City and studied art and theater. Uncle John has used Picasso as a reference for many of his pieces of art. Picasso has been a big influence in Uncle John's style of art. He also has the following to say in his artist statement:

>excerpt from my artist statement<

While Uncle John has a studio in his home he has also hung art in many galleries across the United States, Puerto Rico, California, Carmen's Gallery in Maryland, Artiszenarts in New Jersey, Keywest Art in Florida, over the Internet, and of course in Rollebeek 28, Brussels, Belgium. Uncle John also has an online portfolio and Latin-Pop shop at if you would like to see more of his work. Unlce John has taken time to teach myself and my sisters to love art. He sets aside a space in his studio so that he can try to teach us how to express ourselves. We used different colors and brushes to create whatever came to mind. He also praised whatever we put on paper and then he showed our work to everyone on his Face Book.

Not only is he the best Artist ever but he is one of my favorite uncles. He is funny, smart, and I am his favorite nephew.


cgmaru said...

I'm beaming with pride also!! He managed to do a perfect interview, a magnificent essay, put you on a pedestal and never once mentioned your sexuality! (I probably would have used the word GAY as many times as possible, thinking that would have shocked people, if it were me.)
Congratulations- I bet this feeling beats the sale of any of your pieces!

C. Robin Janning said...

John, what an absolutely splendid interview by your nephew. There is something so special about being an Uncle or an Aunt. One of my nieces sent me a birthday card once that said "Aunt Robin, you rock!" It stands as one of my favorite moments. Congratulations to you for being such an inspiration. You rock!