Friday, October 16, 2009

The Glamorous Life

Yay for glamour!!!
This week's Project Runway challenge was all about things that glitter. The challenge, announced by the King of Hollywood Glamour, the legendary Mr. Bob Macke, was to create a stage look for none other than Mousketeer turned Skank turned Glamorous Swan, Christina Aguilera.

Carol Hannah used the opportunity to stretch and experiment within a style that was foreign to her. She did not disappoint, creating a Va-Va-Voom! Old Hollywood-style gown in black sequins and feathers. She kept it fresh by playing with texture. The result was sexy and sophisticated. Smart girl.


Nicolas gave us a very sexy number in white sequins/beads and feathers. Unfortunately it didn't seem to vary enough from some of his previous work.

The duds this week came courtesy of Shirin and Christopher.
As much as I love Christopher (well, looking at him, at least), it was he who deserved to be Aufed this week, not Shirin. Shirin's gown was a mess, but Christopher's "reveal" consisted of a cheap and droopy corset (if you could really even call it that) and a pathetic pair of NOT-hot pants. The entire thing screamed HOMEMADE.

Gichy, Gichy, Ya-Ya, EWWW!

On Models, Kojii keeps on rockin'!
Ebony was sent home. I'm glad. There is something wrong in the head with that girl.

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