Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Thoughts on Gay Childhood

Yes, it's a wig!

When I was a child, before I knew the meaning of the word "gay" I struggled with whether I wanted to marry Lynda Carter or BE Lynda Carter.

I also wanted a Barbie but had to make due with Princess Leah, who was like 3 inches tall, had impenetrable helmet hair and who's arms and legs did not bend.


Anonymous said...

lol i inspired this blog didnt i? :-D

John G. said...

I've been known to post random gay rantings, but while answering your question I found myself thinking, "Hey, this can work as my blog entry today".

Yes, a straight dude inspired this gay post! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I had Barbie and GI Joe... but I preferred to dress them in faux fur and play Tarzan and Jane.

John G. said...

LMAO Chewy! My action figures (dolls!) were never their intended characters from shows/movies. I always made up completely different stuff also.

Anonymous said...

Funny and creative! LOL