Thursday, January 22, 2009

Painting...not the kind I had in mind.

I've gotten absolutely nothing done in the studio this week.

The past two days (and nights) have been spent giving Artworks@7th, the North Beach coop I belong to, a much-needed "facelift".
I joined in September because I fell in love with the location and the immense potential of the gallery. The space, however looked a bit drab and tired and lacked style. Being steps from the beach and boardwalk, I suggested we are better off capitalizing on the "charm" of the gallery, rather than fighting the architecture (a beach house) in an attempt to make it a white-walled museum-like space.
I proposed a "Beach Gallery" style and got the green light on the project.
Here are some of the results so far:


COSMOCTO said...

FUN FUN! Kaleidoscope eyed Octopus anyone?

CJ said...

The space looks awesome John. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Nice choice of colors; the sand and the water. Sort of bringing the outside inside.

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