Friday, January 2, 2009

Dear Prince: (part 3)

from Pop and Hiss: The L.A. Times Music Blog
by Ann Powers

He did not vote for Proposition 8.
In fact, he didn't vote at all. "I didn't vote for Obama either," he explained. "Jehovah's Witnesses haven't voted for their whole inception." The controversy over a recent New Yorker "Talk of the Town" item, which Prince feels implied he supported the gay-marriage ban, has upset him. It's the first thing he wanted to discuss when the Web geeks had gone and we were alone. "I have friends that are gay and we study the Bible together," he said. He added that two sides fighting "only benefit the third person" who instigated the fight.

Dear Prince:

I'm glad you've finally said something.

I'm ok with you not being an advocate of Gay marriage (you don't have to be, to each their own). What I'm NOT ok with is you speaking out against it in a hypocritical and irresponsible manner... the way the whole New Yorker thing (allegedly) went down. I personally think that you could have (and should have) clarified something like this right away, but that's me.

For once in your life I wish you'd speak clearly, in normal sentences that need not be deciphered.
However, I do realize that we may never see that day.

You have always communicated with the press (and us fans) in a ridiculously cryptic manner (which was only cute for about 2 minutes during your Purple Rain days). In this instance I suspect, you might just want to keep your fans without the church turning its back on you.
That is something I can't be mad at you for. There are plenty of stars who identify with a church (few of which are accepting of gays) but manage to remain friends of the gay community (or at least remain impartial) on a personal level.

But again, I'm glad you spoke...and not some "rep". It's really all I wanted all along.

Prince, you're no longer in hot water, but until further notice...
consider yourself on Gay Probation.

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