Monday, June 23, 2008

Self-indulgent Bastid!

So I guess something...anything, needs to be written and posted to get the blog ball rollin', right?
It seems a bit ironic that I don't really know what to say, when the whole point of me starting this blog is that generally I have almost-too-much to say about pretty much anything.

The whole idea of writing a blog was suggested to me by friends who have been subjected to my rantings and ravings on other sites. At first I was hesitant. I thought publishing a blog would seem so self-indulgent. Then I said "Fuck it! Why not???" (I must also warn you with this very first post that I can be quite potty-mouthed), Those who already know me are very familiar with my "colorful" language and I can picture every single one of them rolling their eyes as they read this disclaimer. QUIT IT!!!

Once I started thinking about the possibilities of reaching new audiences for my artwork by way of blogging, I grew more and more enamored with the idea. This blog will allow me to share my creative process, letting readers and collectors, hopefully, connect with my work in a way they hadn't before. It will also give me an excuse to bitch, moan and praise on some trivial stuff.

Wow...this blogging stuff really is pretty self-indulgent.

Ah well, enjoy!


PurpleTrekkie said...


jodydove said...

Turns out you are prolific at more than painting! I enjoy your rants and raves! I think there is a (Gascot) method to your madness.......or, perhaps a madness to your method?
Oh, by the way, Jesus chose blue carpet for my house. I had to find another decorator. Maybe he could walk on water, but he won't be walkin' on blue carpet at Jody Dove's house. He was, however, redeemed (does Jesus need redemption?!)....he loved all your art work in my house!
Carry on, Michaelangelo Hemingway!

John G. said...

LMAO @ Jesus chose blue carpet for your house!!! That Jesus should stick to what he's best at, like catering or party-planning. He's great for stretching your dollar when you've got a large group of folk to feed!

Freckles said...

Blog My Ass... You, my pithy love, should write a book.

Think Erma Bombeck, Dave Barry.. think $$$. ;)