Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Does God Care...???

About my email address book?

I received yet another religious chain email yesterday and wouldn't you know it...I accidentally (tee-hee!) hit "Reply All" with a few words. The person sending me these emails is a friend's mom. I know she means no harm. A lot of good-hearted people see words like "GOD" and "BLESSINGS" on something and they pass it on to you blindly, almost like they're wishing you well. But I've made it clear that I am not religious (for a million obvious reasons) and the forwards keep on coming.

The way I see it, if they end up in my inbox, I have a right to reply, expressing my own take on these little "gems".

This particular one is titled...yep, you guessed it: "GOD" (you have to admire the originality of the folk who come up with these things). I won't post the full content here but the gist of it is this: We are so willing to pass on emails about jokes and naughty things, but we don't pass on religious chain letters (though they don't call them that) with the same enthusiasm because we are ASHAMED of God.

And if you are ashamed of God, God is ashamed of you! (because apparently he's just as bitchy we are)

The lovely email closes with the following:

"I pray, for everyone who sends this to their entire address book, they will be blessed by God in a way special for them"

You gotta send it to ALL of your address book if you want that "special" blessing!
It's all or nothing!
Or maybe if you send it to only three people, you get a small "average" blessing like finding a nickel on the sidewalk.

Who writes this stuff???

Not forwarding Religious Chain Letters has nothing to do with being ashamed of God and everything to do with respecting the fact that not everyone has the same beliefs.

I'm so glad I choose to worship less-demanding gods.

Oh! And while we're on the subject...

Does Jesus really care about CARPET???
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