Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm A Dirty Boy

I worked in the yard all day today. The raised bed I ordered from Ebay arrived yesterday and I was, of course, in a hurry to assemble it. How long do you think it takes me to assemble a simple rectangle (with instructions)? You really don't want to know the answer to that.

An untrained monkey could assemble this faster than I managed to.

After preparing the first bed I decided to keep the momentum going so we ran to Lowes and picked up a second, smaller, bed. I am officially a fan of Suncast raised bed kits. They are super simple to assemble. I was filling it in just minutes after opening the box. I will definitely add a few more next spring.

Cool weather crops: Broccoli and Romaine.
I also planted spinach and radishes by seed.

Just keepin' things real in the garden.

Today I tilled dirt and turned sod, filled in beds, did a few plantings, dug a small trench for drainage out back and even helped Ron put down new flooring in our sun room. It was a packed day and a great way to kick off the gardening season. Too tired (or lazy) to cook, we ended the day by filling our bellies with some Afghan take-out.

I'm covered in dirt and every inch of me hurts (in a good way). As soon as I finish uploading this post I'm taking a shower and then soaking in a hot bath. I love Spring!

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