Thursday, March 3, 2011

Frame Inspiration

I seldom frame my work. I paint mostly on canvas and either let the composition spill onto the sides or finish the edges off in a color that complements the painting. Every now and then, however, I see a frame and am inspired by it. This weekend I came across a pair while browsing through an indoor antiques market.

The second I laid eyes on the frames I imagined cubist-inspired compositions in them and knew I would regret not leaving the store with them. Sold!
I love the decorative hangers on top of the frame rather than the standard wire on the back.

Now I need to order some Masonite 5x7's and cut them down just a bit so that they will fit into the frames properly.

Here are some of the styles that are floating around my brain:

Still Life With Violin
Georges Braque

The Guitar
Juan Gris

...or even

Stuart Davis


Martha Marshall said...

StuartDavisStuartDavisStuartDavis!! Love him. Bet you could do something fabulous in tribute.

Love those frames too!

John G. said...

This is what I'm leaning towards, Martha. I'm gonna dive into my Davis books while I wait for the Masonite.