Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Latin Pop Shop Press Release

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The Business of Latino Pride

El Negocio del Orgullo Latino

Springfield, VA, April 14th, 2010--John Gascot wears his Latino pride on his paint-stained sleeve.

"As the fastest-growing segment of our population, Latinos should not still be looked upon as cheap labor. We need to not only preserve our culture, but look out for the best interests of one another." For years, Gascot's passion has been a vital component of his colorful canvases. Now, it's at the heart of an online retail store that focuses on Latin culture, supporting Latino artists and artisans by promoting them in a fair manner.

The Latin Pop Shop website went live in January of this year with only the artwork of its founder featured for sale. Today, just three months later and without major advertisements, it already represents twelve artists from varied Latino backgrounds. Mr. Gascot envisions representing 30-50 artists (or more) on the Latin Pop Shop website once it becomes further established.

"There are so many faces to our art," he says. "Currently we mainly feature paintings, prints, jewelry and photographs. But we plan to include apparel, home decor, books and more! We even hope to be surprised with submissions of items we had never even thought of." In order to appeal and cater to as wide an audience as possible, the items listed on Latin Pop Shop range from whimsical jewelry and prints prices at under $20 to high-end collectable works of art by well-established artists and everything in between.

Gascot is building on a limited budget, relying more on faith and drive. He's focusing on e-commerce for the time being, but constantly keeps one eye on the future.

"Store fronts! I want store fronts!" he laughs. "I've always envisioned Latin Pop Shop as a physical location- bursting with color and filled with music, shows and live events. Eventually, I'd love to arrange mentorships for young Latino talent. Any investors out there?"

Artist-created is a brand new online retail gallery specializing in Latino, Latino-American and Latin-themed arts and unique hand made gifts. Latin Pop Shop Inc.'s mission is to support the growth and preservation of Latin culture by promoting creative Latino individuals, fairly, in an effort to help them make a living by doing what they love and are individually talented at. The online store, which launches this spring, is the first step of a venture which artist and founder John Gascot believes will be a multi-faceted success.

John Gascot, Founder
Latin Pop Shop Inc.

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