Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Lotus has landed.

So, as I sip coffee groggily (percocet) and get read for a trip to the dentist for what will probably turn out to be a not so fun visit (had a toothache all day yesterday and this morning), a bit of welcome sunshine brightens my morning.

I received an email from the Bennetts in the UK. Their Lotus Flower painting arrived yesterday. They now own 2 of my originals. Both pieces are intended for Valory's yoga and meditation room.


the Bennetts said...

We love it!!!!!!! Thank you!
Hope all goes well at the dentist.

PurpleTrekkie said...


prb said...

very nice John!!!

Martha Marshall said...

Congratulations on your sale! And owee, I hope your toothache is gone now. That is no fun!

John G. said...

Unfortunately, Martha, my root canal is not scheduled till Thursday. :-(