Friday, August 21, 2009

The Return of Project Runway

Well damn! If Lifetime did not blow me away last night by slappin me in the face with a night full of RUNWAY! I admit, I was strongly opposed to the idea of the show moving to the network. The thought of possibly hearing something like Don't miss a new Project Runway, followed by Designing Women! made me ill (even though I will admit to loving Designing Women). Instead, I was pleasantly surprised.
Really looks like they're re-vamping things.

I thought it was a pretty brilliant move on their part to add Models of the Runway and have a "flipside" companion show.

LA still seems strange as a setting, since NY was SO a part of PR all the previous seasons. But with the judging panel and Heidi intact, nothing seems too different.
And Kors is Orange again! YAY!

Did it always start with 16??? Seems a lot (but not complaining).

Off the bat the contestants seem stronger than that last awful season.

The winning dress deserved the prize.

Keepin my eye on: Christopher, Epperson (his dress was very Tilda Swinton!), Gordana (I went to high school with a girl named that) and Shirin (That cape-into skirt TRANSFORMERS cocktail dress was tres-clever!

Mess of the week:

I'm excited that Qrystl (come on with the name spellin NAH!) designs for different sizes (real sizes) but her gown was tragic. As if a clown threw up all over the front of it. Lawd.
When she said her dress was an Emmy dress, she should've specified it was a DAYTIME Emmy's dress or better yet...a SOAP OPERA DIGEST AWARDS dress.

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