Friday, August 14, 2009

Fierce Fridays: Wendy & Lisa

If you think you only know them as "those girls from Prince & the Revolution", you are mistaken. Their brilliant collaborations (Purple Rain, Around the World in a Day and Parade) with Prince might have thrust them into the public eye and Pop-consciousness but Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman established themselves as greatly skilled innovative artists in their own right long, long ago.
If you're not already a die-hard fan, as I am, it is possible that you might not be aware that they've released 5 studio albums (yes, I still say "album") since their Revolution days. However, if you are familiar with Seal, Sheryl Crow, Eric Clapton, Liz Phair or Grace Jones (to name a few) you have probably heard their work as sessionists, songwriters and/or producers.
If you watch tv or go to the movies, you might also be more familiar with their work than you realize. The award-winning duo (ASCAP's "Composers of the Year" for their work on "Dangerous Minds", the theme to HBO’s Carnivale, Crossing Jordan and Heroes) is responsible for the scores of various films as well as tv shows.
Recently Wendy and Lisa granted OUT Magazine a candid interview in which they coined the tongue-in-cheek phrase "Fancy Lesbian" (much to Prince's chagrin, as it was used to describe him LOL!). They will be included in this year's OUT 100, the magazine's annual list of the year's most interesting, influential, and newsworthy LGBT people.

Be sure to pick up their latest album:
White Flags of Winter Chimneys!

Artists, it's great painting music!

And if you're feeling "Fancy" pick up one of their awesome tees!

In the meantime, here's their latest video "Salt & Cherries (MC5)", which was partly fan-created:


Nikki said...

I still say "album" too, heh!

wendyandlisanews said...

Great Wendy & Lisa post! I love the new video and am glad that you took the time to put it in your post.

I also wanted you to know that I mentioned your blog post on my 'Wendy & Lisa News' blog.

You can check out your blurb here:

John G. said...

The album is excellent (as is all their music)! Thanks for mentioning my post. :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't know why i came here, i was searching for the wendy & lisa artwork and followed this link, got this album 1 months ago, amazing. oh, great pieces of art gascot, congratulations.

John G. said...

Thanks!! :)