Monday, December 8, 2008

Vegas Report: Part 3 (Fashion)


The Lunching Diva!

I loved this lady! I just had to snap her pic front and back.

The Classic

Some women do just fine without wardrobe trends.

The Hipster

Everyday Style should look this easy!

The Adorable Couple

Fun and well accessorized (yes, I meant the man!)

The Shopper

How to wear thigh highs and fishnets without looking hooker-ish!


I wish the sweater around the shoulders were my only gripe about this outfit!

Lost in Translation

Oh no! This "mature" lady seems to have packed her daughter's skirt by mistake.
The old adage "If you've got great legs, flaunt 'em!" doesn't mean dress 65 from the waist up and 30 below! EEK!

Doublemint Disaster!

Something tells me these gals fancy themselves fashionistas. Sigh!

We can't really fault these ladies for their crimes of fashion.
It's all in a day's work.

The Smoking Bunny

The Flamingo Girl

Needless to say there were many other infractions (it's Vegas!) but time was short and drink plenty so I couldn't catch them all on film.


Anonymous said...

You certainly know how to amuse yourself... and myself!

CJ said...

Love the commentary on this post. Very keen observations John!