Monday, December 8, 2008

Vegas Report: Part 2

Ok, so don't let the tasteful photographs mislead you into believing that all fun had during our trip was civilized. We drank our share of $15 long island iced tea "yards" and acted the fool (not the most difficult thing for me) plenty!

Tasteful glassware. We're high class, you know!

You can't find this outfit at Chanel...I tried.

Quite proud of ourselves, having just ridden the New York, New York roller coaster without tossing any cookies. We swear we're not drunk...why won't you believe us???

Umm...luckily we steered clear of this hut.

I strike an appropiate pose in the "porn" room.
How do you like me now Tyra??!

Next: The Good, the Bad and the Vegas Fashion Report.


CJ said...

I love your porn room pose! Tyra would be so proud! Long Island Ice Tea yards and then a ride on a roller coaster? I would have lost it.

Anonymous said...

You... You... You Porn Poser! (chuckle)

John G. said...