Monday, December 22, 2008

Swimming to the Moon

Swimming to the Moon
Acrylic on canvas/20x20"

I recreated this piece as a Christmas gift for my partner's mom.
She's been after me to paint these fish on something...anything for years now.
I photographed it about 50 times while painting it and might put a step-by-step video together.


COSMOCTO said...

great colors....What brand acrylics do you use? Also, Happy Holidays

John G. said...

Thanks man! Happy Holidays to you too!!!

I might be shunned by the art community for this LOL!
I did this particular painting all with "craft" acrylic paints. Ceramcoat by Delta brand are my favorite(and I couldn't find them last time I went to the store...I hope they're not discontinuing!).

I do use Golden, Liquitex and Winsor all in different combinations depending on what I'm working on and what suits the needs of the painting. But generally there's a craft-paint to be found in there somewhere.