Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Dear Conservatives, Trump is Letting my People Die

Donald Trump doesn't care for people of color (or any minority for that matter). He swindles a vote from those he can and tosses them aside like used Kleenex. This motherfucker is letting my/our people DIE. I'm equally enraged and heartbroken. And twice as disgusted at the fact that he's being allowed to carry on with his racist childish ways. This tide must turn.
I don't have to address Liberals. I know we agree. But to anyone who supported this man because you TRULY believed it was the right thing to do, if there is a shred of humanity in you there can (and must) be no denying what is playing out before our very eyes. I implore you to STAND UP, as you do for your flags and anthems. This is not your leader. I have faith that you must be better than this. Speak out and RESIST. Doing the right thing doesn't make you a traitor to your party, it makes you a respectable American. Please, don't let our people in Puerto Rico die.

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