Sunday, October 5, 2014

Random Movie Review: Anabelle

Ok, so it's no secret I hated the snoozefest called "The Conjuring" so I wasn't exactly sure why we were going to see its prequel "Anabelle" tonight.
Oh yes, it's because we can't get our netflix up without wanting to throw some device out the window with the "high speed" (wink wink) internet upgrade we paid for at the hotel. So sure, let's do "Annabelle", why not... 
It was pretty great. :-0
Not only does it surpass Conjuring by miles, but I would actually consider it one of the better horror flicks of recent. Simpler than The Conjuring and 5 times as effective. Clean and straight forward storytelling. Very simple and therefore EFFECTIVE makeup/special effects that result in imagery that lingers long after the movie ends. I even appreciated the effort to make the ridiculous appearance of a doll no one in their right mind would actually buy (except at a horror convention) somewhat make sense by including a few samples of the "collection" she's a part of. There's a bit of a "Rosemary's Baby" atmosphere to the film (It is no "Rosemary's Baby" by any stretch of the imagination, mind you.) with the themes tackled, the building they live in and fellow tenant/rare-book shop owner Evelyn (played by my girl Alfre Woodard). I expect there will be another film (I can already see the "Annabelle Trilogy" boxed sets out two Halloweens or so from now) as, in this episode, they revisit the nurses with which Conjuring began. The door is left open for the filmmakers to bring us their stories if they want to. The jolts were genuine. The story was simple (a good thing) but tight. The imagery was good (I REALLY enjoyed two things in particular which I won't spoil by mentioning) and the performances were solid. 3.5 (mayyyybe 4) out of 5.  ‪#‎Whoddathunkit‬

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