Friday, September 20, 2013

Birth of Venus

While I continue to reach out for participants in my Trans Art Project, the communication lines are now open between myself and those already on board. I have received some photos and conversations have begun. This means that the time has come for me to put brush to canvas and let some imagery begin to evolve. I have been both nervous and excited about this. My desire (need?) to embark on this journey was great enough for me to take the project on without pre-conceived notions of what the final works will look like. I started out wanting to execute these paintings in my signature Cubist Pop style, but then doubted myself momentarily, wondering if switching up my style might be more appropriate. After a few days of coming up with reasons to avoid my easel (and a good encouraging talking-to by studio partner/bestie MG Stout) I am back on track.  If I am creating works about people who have the courage to be themselves then how can I not be myself in their style and execution?? Cubist Pop it is!!
Yesterday I took the leap and began sketching the beginnings of what will be my Venus DeMars piece.   I then began to breaking down, simplifying and abstracting shapes. The painting is in its infancy, but I'm feeling positive and confident about what is happening on the canvas.

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