Monday, October 3, 2011

Color Splash!

Some people are afraid of the dark and some people are terrified of bold color (on walls).

Being one of over a hundred artists at the Workhouse Arts Center, I want my studio to be not only fun to visit, but memorable. Ron and I spent most of the weekend moving me into the space. I painted my accent wall Behr Crisp Green.
I wanted to go all the way with a pop of color that would make my studio stand out to visitors. I am a Pop artist, after all; a wimpy wall would simply not do. I also wanted to avoid a dark color that would absorb much light or weigh the space down. The trick to a super-bright color like this, I believe, is to break it up with furniture or textiles. About 3/4 of this wall will be covered with white shelving units so in the end, the massive sea of green before me will actually become more of a colorful frame.

To be continued...


Ms. Williams said...

My grandmother would love you. She loves bright hues of green like that. :) But then again, you DO have a knack for colors period. Congrats on the studio space!!

John G. said...

Thanks so much. :-)