Thursday, September 16, 2010

DIY Fashion: Runway Looks for Less

I might introduce a new segment to my blog. if The Gascot Method were a variety show LOL.

We'll call it:

Runway Looks for Less

Our first look will be this lovely ensemble (to impress your friends pronounce: ensemBLAH, strong emphasis on the BLAH!) was plucked from a recent Michael Kors collection (thanks becca!).

You might be looking at this and saying to yourself "I love adding inches and poundage to my hips and thighs, but I'd never be able to afford a skirt like that."
Ok, first of all, quit talking to yourself. It makes your co-workers think you're crazy.
Secondly: YES YOU CAN!

Your fab faux-Kors skirt is waiting for you at your nearest Home Depot!

For a touch of authenticity, I suggest the following footwear:

And don't forget to accessorize!
Stop by Party City on your way home and pick up a bag of these.

Happy Shopping!

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