Friday, June 26, 2009

Fierce Fridays: Alright I give in!

So I did it!
I downloaded "The Fame" two days ago, after months and months of GaGa Resistance.

It ROCKS! Pop Heaven.

The songs already out are definite standouts, as are "Money Honey", "The Fame" and "Summerboy" (Fame and Summerboy are very Gwen Stefani-ish!). My current favorite is probably the funky "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich".
There really are no real fails on the album.
"Eh Eh" does feel a bit like filler and too "sweet" for La GaGa, but it's not a bad song.
Ironically, I'd pick "Boys Boys Boys" as my least favorite. LOL!

Here are the 3 things that finally won me over:

This interview pretty much sealed the deal. I miss this type of media hype. Remember the 80's??? The way she dismisses the reporter's question as ridiculous is simply

Music video for "Paparazzi". Anyone who works Crippled Glamour gets my vote!

Live at the Much Music Awards (where she appropriately thanked "God and the Gays" for the award she won):


Anonymous said...

This is on my CD list, along with Black-eyed peas.

John G. said...

I do recommend it. It's not life-changing brilliant, but it's SOLID good fun well sung pop/dance music. Very enjoyable.

I'm gonna go clean the house and crank this up right now. LOL!