Monday, May 15, 2017

Call for Participants: "Mosaic" Multi-Cultural Youth Art Workshop

Mosaic is an artist-led socially-engaged project working with Multicultural Youth. It is a partnership between artist John Gascot (Lead), co-lead artists and youth participants ages 11-14.
In June of 2017 Mr. Gascot will lead alongside co-lead art instructor Noelle Stillman a group of approximately 10 Multicultural Youths on a 4-day expressive arts program. There is no cost to participants. The workshop will take place at Allendale UMC. Allendale UMC has made a large classroom available to the project at no cost. The workshop is in no way faith-based. During the 4-day period Gascot and Stillman and will provide instruction and guidance as the students create stylized culturally expressive self-portraits celebrating their heritage and ancestry. Each portrait will be composed of 4 panels which will later be separated and mixed with the portraits of others to create various “mosaic” cross-cultural portraits. All final creative decisions will be made by the students. Once works are completed, an exhibit and opening reception celebrating the youth participants and their works will be held (dates and details will be announced soon). This event will be free and open to the public. The goal of this project is to bring youth from varying cultural backgrounds together in a safe and professional setting for cross-learning and cross-cultural creative teamwork. Through a shared art-making process they will learn about one another, what makes them culturally unique and how those differences might have enriched their creative experience.

-10 student participants, ages 11-14, from at least 3-5 cultural backgrounds
-Two teaching artists
-One 2hr session per day
Workshop Dates:
Monday, June 26, 10am-noon
Tuesday, June 27, 10am-noon
Wednesday, June 28, 10am-noon
Thursday, June 29, 10am-noon

Project contact:
John Gascot,
This project is possible through a grant from the Saint Petersburg Arts Alliance.

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