Monday, November 16, 2015

When Your Kids Write Home (Sorta)

It's always a a pleasure for me to hear from someone who purchased one of my pieces, for whatever reason. It is especially thrilling when you were not present and had no idea of the work's final destination. Even more so, when their adoptive mom or dad is writing you to provide them with a sister.

Hi John, 
I hope this email finds you well. 
About 7 years ago I purchased the painting below in a shop in Rincon, Puerto Rico. I would like something to compliment this painting since they will be hung side by side. It does however need to be the same size. This one is 12x19.  

Please let me know if you can paint something for me in the size specified and kindly quote me a price. I like the “Believer” (too big) you have posted on Esty or perhaps something similar with different flowers and different hair color. I trust your judgment and I love these colors…brights work well.
Also, my cousin lives in Tampa and is willing to pick it up for me from St. Pete thus I wouldn't need shipping costs to get it to Miami since she will be here for the holidays.

I await your reply and thank you so much.

Red with Callas, acrylic on canvas, 12" x 19"