Saturday, April 11, 2015

Latin Pop at White Owl Market

You can now find my work at White Owl Market (683 Central Avenue) in the hip and eclectic 600 block of Saint Petersburg, Florida. White Owl Market is my favorite type of retail establishment. As a matter of fact, after an afternoon chat with the store's owner Rande, it became very clear why I immediately felt his space was a good fit for my work (thankfully, he felt the same).
Rande's vision is that of a welcoming ("have a seat and take it all in") retail space that touches upon all aspects of daily life. At White Owl you can find stylishly up-cycled vintage furnishings and home accessories. As you make your way from one inviting display to another, you might pick up some soap or candles (maybe even a jar of crafted local jam) or find a beautiful hand-made top, from which proceeds help the plight of women's rights globally. And then there's the local and unique art. Decorative, yes...but clever and with something to say as well.

This might come back to bite me in my tush (gallery curators and snobby artists please cover your ears now) but as an artist I have always found it more fulfilling to have my works shown in "real" settings. I am not referring to specifically themed art projects, which do show best against the sterility of a dedicated art space, but my to my every day paintings. Art is part of my daily life and this is how I prefer to view and show it.

At the end of a hard day's work I will light that candle that sits on that side table. I will stretch across that couch and put my tired feet up on that ottoman. I will enjoy the candle's relaxing scent while looking at that painting

If you are or make it to St. Petersburg, be sure to check out White Owl Market.

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