Friday, August 9, 2013

Trans Art Project Participant: Venus DeMars

I'm thrilled to share that three Trans women have already agreed to be a part of my art project. One of them is Minnesota rocker/artist Venus DeMars. Venus is a fixture of the Twin Cities music scene but currently finds herself in a entirely different spotlight. While DeMars makes her living solely off her craft and considers herself a professional artist, the Minnesota Department of Revenue has launched an audit against her, deeming her a "hobbyist". Reasons listed for this ruling included the claim that DeMars takes too much pleasure from her work and that she does not try hard enough to make a profit from it. If the audit is successful, it could set a precedent that could put many-an-independent-artist's career in danger.

I very much look forward to conversations with Venus about her transition, artistry, struggles and triumphs. Stay tuned!

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