Thursday, August 11, 2011

How Does My Garden Grow?

Rapidly, I'd say.

It's amazing, this being my very first veggie garden and all, how well all the plants have done and the amount of fruit they continue to bear (I just sent more cucumbers and squash with Ron to share at work). Next year my garden will be a bit more organized. I hope to be in a studio and won't have the flexibility of stepping out to do garden chores at any given time in the day.

I have added two new sections to the existing beds. Next Spring I will enclose them with garden fencing in order to keep the dogs from exploring too much or stealing my tomatoes. The fence will go from the privacy fence out and wrap around the front beds, with a gate at the front. I will mulch or pave a path in between the beds (where the pots are now) leading to the compost bin behind them. The rest of the space I will fill with potted veggies and herbs.

Here's the veggie garden at the back of the house (not raised).
Earlier this summer when our pumpkin vine started taking off:


In a week or two I will begin planting Fall crops.

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