Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Give Back

I've been inspired by my dear, dear friends Erin and Chris DiViccaro to add a "Give Back" section to my Etsy Shop. I am continually inspired by by the infectious silliness and everyday struggles of this pair. The internet is an amazing monster. For all the negativity it can propagate it can also open the doors for just as much positive energy to flow from our computer screens and into our lives and hearts. Four or so years ago Ron and I did not know Erin and Chris. Today we consider them among the closest of friends and make the mutual effort to see each another at least once a year. Yay internet!

Erin has a rare genetic disorder named Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is a connective tissue disorder. In short, her body does not produce collagen effectively. This in turn creates a number of health problems, the most prominent one being chronic fatigue and pain. There is no cure.

As the effects of her disorder increase, Erin, Chris and their familiy have struggled to accept the fact that she needs some mobility assistance. Moving around is a tremendous drain on her already limited energy and mobility and frequently the only reason she can not continue to perform normal everyday tasks like shopping, working and cooking. A manual wheelchair requires to much exertion on her arms and cardiovascular system to be an option.

The DiViccaros are a family of 6 and we all know how unwilling health insurance can be to provide actual help to those in need (Ron and I fought this same fight, unsuccessfully, when my mother needed a power wheelchair due to debilitating extreme neuropathy). Purchasing this chair will provide her with the mobility she needs to continue being the funny, strong and positive wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, etc. she is to everyone in her life. No amount is too little.

There are currently over 20 items (more to come) in my Give Back store.
They will remain there (and I will continue to add items) until the DiViccaros either raise their goal or they sell out, whichever comes first. In addition, once our friends have raised their goal I will keep the store section open and active with proceeds from the items there going to various charities.

So how about it? Treat yourself to some art and give back! :-)


mdiver said...

Not only do you have an awesome vagina but you guys totally rock

John G. said...

You are a fool. I feel bad for anyone reading your comment that doesn't have a reference to it. LOL!

mdiver said...

You 2, us 3 and the DiViccaros are gonna tear up the place soon.
Count on it!

John G. said...