Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend Gardening

Easter weekend was spent out in the garden. I set up tomato cages and trellises. I put most of my seedlings in the ground. I planted cucumbers, beans, corn, tomatoes (Roma, Big Boy and Yellow Pear...21 plants in total and still have some extra seedlings in a pot), eggplant (regular and white), red peppers, green peppers, oregano, basil and cilantro. I don't think I've left anything out, though it's entirely possible.

Little broccoli blooms decided to show up this weekend. Aren't they cute?

Our first little strawberry showed up too.

While doing mowing we discovered that there is mint coming up all over where the vegetable garden was initially supposed to go (we're going to set up the pool there this summer instead).
The folk who lived here before us must have planted the mint directly in the ground and now it's spreading. I'm happy to save some in pots, but I need to find a way to get rid of it before it spreads to the rest of the yard. Any suggestions?

I also had much help from the pups:

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