Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekend in the Country

We took mini road-trip (about 5 hours) to our old stomping grounds in Northeast PA over the weekend. We stayed with our dear friends Gwen and Art in Milford, where we co-owned an art gallery with them. Milford is a historic little 1-light town (there is literally only one traffic light in the entire town) on the Delaware river.

Milford is a mellow place. It makes for a lovely weekend trip (you can do pretty much all there is to do in town in about a day and a half; two and a half if you venture out for some canoeing down the Delaware LOL). This was our first visit in about 5 years. While not much has changed, it was nice to see a few more art galleries and art-inclusive shops in town.

Crossing the Delaware.

Our gallery was located in this building; historic Forest Hall.

Gwen and Art's storybook stone house.

Breakfast in the back garden was a true B&B-like treat.

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