Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Fish!

Happy Fish 1 & 2
Acrylic on canvas/ 12x12" each

I might still add a bit of shading to the yellow spheres before calling the pair "done".

I did this piece below about 3-4 years ago originally as a 6x6" on paper.

Swimming to the Moon
Acrylic on canvas/20x20"

It was part of a collaborative project we came up with where various artists in our gallery (we owned a gallery in Northeast PA) did a painting based on a simple circle inside a square. All of the squares were then assembled and we auctioned the piece off for charity.

I had printed
a few greeting cards with the design on them. From those cards I got commissioned to do it larger 20x20"...twice!

Ron's mom has been asking me ever since that very first one to paint the fish for her on this antique metal hot water bottle thingy....which I just couldn't bring myself to do.
I decided to do a painting of the fish for her for Christmas.

In the process, as I revisited my fishies, i realized I don't terribly mind repeating them. Normally I can't stand repeating paintings (but a sale is a sale!).
I also got the idea that maybe I can put together a "catalogue" of some designs that I can offer again and again in varied colors and compositions. Ones that I enjoy doing enough so that it won't be a tedious process.


Pipa Metafish said...

these would make beautiful bathroom tiles.

John G. said...

Thanks! That's a great idea. I never thought of designing tiles, or how one goes about it. Now you've got me thinking...