Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Working Habits

I enjoy reading other artist blogs and taking inspiration from not just their work but their techniques. One of the subjects being discussed recently was how much planning goes into our process.
With abstracts I tend to work intuitively. Sometimes with a "design" aesthetic in mind (I picture the piece I'm trying to achieve in a certain environment). The most preparation that goes into my abstract work is choosing what colors I will start with or choosing whether it will be a mixed media piece including collage. The rest usually takes shapes as I go.

Straight Up, Two Olives
Acrylic on canvas/10x10"/Available

With my Latin Pop Work, I work in a more narrative manner. Usually I begin with a phrase, or back story or scene that has come into my head and just won't leave. These words might be my own or I might have heard them in a song or movie or even seen them on a sign somewhere. The composition and colors change as I go along, but I tend to always relate these to the "story" forming on the canvas. The preparation for this style of work usually includes a rough sketch, choosing a size canvas.

"The Singer and the Saxophonist" and "Acoustic Moonlight"
Acrylic on canvas/24x30" each/Sold

Thanks to Martha Marshall and Deirdre Abbotts for initiating this discussion!


Martha Marshall said...

John, thanks so much for the mention. I'm loving this long-distance art salon.

And those paintings!! No wonder they sold. So fabulous.

And I love your Straight Up with Two Olives. Great!

John G. said...

Thank you, Martha.

Deirdre said...

Hi John - thanks for the mention and the link. I have a feeling, you'll be seeing a lot of me here - just took a brief peek and want to spend more time.

And just because I had to look at your etsy shop. I love Ballad, it's interesting to see how different your styles are!

:-D eirdre

John G. said...

Thank you, Deirdre. I look forward to your visits! :-D